The Body Knows Balance

The Body Knows Balance

By Dr. Lisa Templeton, Ph.D.

Life is a constant practice ground for learning. This classroom will involve a bit of pain, discomfort, frustration, and impatience – yet it is also riddled with joy, light, love, and comfort. When are we going to learn that in this dualistic society, we need to accept both sides in order to have wholeness?

As Einstein noted, we can’t solve a problem from the same mindset it was created in. We must change our one-sided mindset to see both sides, to see the beauty of life, both in pain and in joy. We might think that in order to change our mindset, we have to live in our mind, but we really must listen more to our body.

The body knows balance; therefore, if I can drop into my body and learn to accept all of the sensations going on, I can tap into the wisdom that it has to offer. After all, the body is the vessel that all of these emotions and sensations, both positive and negative, reside in. We are made of both light and dark.

With awareness in our body, we can learn more about ourselves, about our needs, wants, fears, and anticipations. With more care, mindful presence, and love given toward our body comes more clarity of self and mind. Our body has great wisdom and can accent the mind so perfectly to find peace and stillness in wholeness. Practice listening in to your body and give it the attention it deserves – neutral kindness and awareness, along with a curious listening that allows for an open heart and an open mind.

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