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Being The Whole

By Lisa Templeton, Ph.D.

Published in August 2019 Luminous Wisdom: SOPHIA

Reflecting within, I sense my light and all the shadows it casts.  These shadows cannot exist without light and sometimes it appears that the lighter the light, the darker the dark.  This paradigm exists within us all.  I believe that our purpose is about understanding how to stand in both the darkness and the light that is within.  Each side needs each other to be whole. 

Many of my greatest difficulties in life have led to the most profound guidance and growth.  I have struggled with infertility, finishing my education and obtaining my PhD, running a business, as well as pain and loss throughout life.  Yet, through these dark times, I have found more light within myself. 

Once I began to notice and shine my light, I inevitably saw more shadows.  To observe this dark place felt foreign and uncomfortable.  It was full of negative emotions.  Yet, as I have continued to lean into the dark, I build more tolerance, compassion, and understanding of it.  At times, I can feel greedy or be isolative and not want to interact with others.  I have noticed thoughts comparing myself in negative ways with others or speaking negatively to myself.  From anger to jealousy, my shadow is always there.  Yet, this is the shadow of us all.  This is part of our humanness that most don’t realize is shared by so many others. 

As I work to integrate my light and dark, I have learned how they really complement each other.  When I direct compassion toward my darkness, I realize why the dark was created in the first place – out of fear and separation.  This part of me is not evil or wrong, it is fractured and trying to protect me.  Of course, the darkness has a convoluted, irrational way of protecting. 

This is where the light has much to teach.  Our dark parts are afraid and isolated, in need of direction and rational thought.  The ultimate protection is not fear, but love.  Yet, fear can sometimes persuade me to move solely into the shadows.  Gratefully, the light beckons me back with love.  This is a process of balancing the light and dark that gets easier and more joyful with practice.  As I practice, I feel more whole and integrated with myself.  Try to hold gratitude for both sides without any self-judgment and offer compassion to yourself in each moment. 

We cannot truly experience joy without pain.  We cannot openly feel the expansiveness of love without having felt the constriction of fear.  When I sit in the darkness of color and glow, I am illuminated.  I am authentically myself.  When I practice standing in the balance of the whole, I feel the true resiliency and power of connection within.  Even in the midst of my shadow, I am engulfed in light; I am immersed in love.  When I own my shadow and honor my light, the edges of my dark glow.

The Act of Being

By Lisa Templeton, Ph.D.

Published in July 2019 Luminous Wisdom: SOPHIA

To really work on acceptance, we must learn to just be. This is more than a mere slogan, it is a state of consciousness, a form of allowing, and a place of surrender. Being is about sitting in the energy of the moment, no matter what that moment offers. We must learn to sit in every moment we can. It is importance to develop tolerance in each moment. It’s why our species is called human beings, not human doings.

Still, we are living in a world that distracts and conditions us into doing, rather than just being. We can feel like we are caught in a whirlwind of human happenings in a busy world full of moments flying past. There are many people on their phones; looking up headlines, checking social media, etc., without taking much time to consider each moment that is surrounding them and how truly sacred each moment really is. Before we know it, another day is over and a new day of tasking is beginning again. We task and task and build excitement for the next time we can stop tasking and take a break, meanwhile forgetting the sacred aspect each moment offers us in getting there.

If we are only living around the doing, what does it really mean to be? To be is to actively dance with what is in front of you, no matter how bad the music. To be is to consciously focus our existence in the now and not fall into incessantly reviewing the past or conjuring scenarios of the future. To be is to surrender what you want to happen and receive what you are given. When we are here now, we are being.

One of the biggest obstacles in learning to be is conflict within ourselves leading to self-dislike. Who is there with you in every moment? It’s you of course! If you don’t like yourself, you will likely not enjoy each moment around you and will unconsciously do what you can to avoid it. Often times, we continue to plug away at tasks and get a lot “done” in order to get away from ourselves. Simultaneously, we become more disconnected from what it means to truly be ourselves, as we have forgotten how to be.

Take in this very moment right now. Can you sit and listen to what is really going on inside of your mind? Can you set your intent to be aware of whatever comes up for you in each moment? Our focus can be internal, noticing our emotions and thoughts, or it can be external, noticing the coolness of the air or the birds singing. To sit and listen to whatever music is playing is a good start at learning to be. We can’t truly work on letting anything be if we are not practicing the act of being.

Actively Letting It Be

By Lisa Templeton, Ph.D.

Published in June 2019 Luminous Wisdom: SOPHIA

To be active in letting it be means to practice. Life is a training ground for learning, although we often forget this. We are more at peace when we accept what is happening and are actively letting things be. Yet, what does that really mean exactly? How do we practice this?

Start with allowing yourself to be wherever you are, recognizing any resistance. To express resistance is an argument with reality that we will ultimately lose. Still, as humans, we reactively move into resistance in times of stress. Hence, letting it be is ultimately about identifying and acknowledging our resistance.

Whether it is resistance to an emotion, a thought, a traffic jam, a situation that didn’t go your way, or resistance to self-forgiveness from the past, we have to understand that resistance is there before we can let it go. Live in openness to what is. The more flexible we are, the more peace we experience. The more we flow with life.

We can’t let go of something of which we are not aware. Set your intent to notice what the energy of resistance feels like in your body so you can be more aware of it. For me, it can manifest as tension, irritability, disappointment, foreboding, and/or frustration. Sometimes, when I am feeling resistant, I feel heaviness in my heart or in my abdomen.

Once we recognize that we are resisting, we must then move into compassion. Our resistance is ultimately there as a form of protection. Unfortunately, it doesn’t really protect us, it only moves us away from peace. When actively letting it be, we notice the resistance, bring compassion to ourselves, and lean into the flow of e-motion.

Here, we move through life like waves on an ocean, staying mindful of our reactions and being as loving as possible. This now creates a response instead of a reaction. Ride each wave, each moment, with love. Stay loving, present, and aware of your actions and reactions with loving mindfulness. Keep breathing and offering yourself encouragement as you are continuing to practice in an active way. This creates active power.

Our actions play a huge role in actively letting it be. Choose positive thoughts and emotions. Be generous with others. Make statements that uplift yourself. Offer your smile to others and give light and love to everyone you meet. Be sure to seek out the beauty in the world. Nature is so grounding and amazing – we are living on a beautiful earth and life lives all around us, no matter where you are.

Set your intent to take time every day to slow your thoughts and consciously breathe. When you make an effort to actively change the quality of your being, the more peace and acceptance you create in and all around you. Drop the resistance, practice letting it be, and open your eyes to miracles.

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