The Interpersonal Healing Center (The IHC) was created by Dr. Lisa Templeton, Ph.D., licensed psychologist (PSY #3071) in the state of Colorado. Her vision in starting the center was to reinvent the healing relationship between client and practitioner with the practice of mindfulness and being in the present moment with each client. Her team of specialists are all hand picked by Dr. Lisa to address interpersonal healing through awareness and connection.

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The IHC is a place to receive healing in a professional, caring manner with practitioners that work together to provide the best therapeutic care possible.

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The IHC's Mission Statement:

The IHC's mission is to guide individuals, families, couples, and communities to find and utilize their strengths, transition through change, achieve goals, experience more positive emotions, become a better friend to yourself, and overcome life challenges with the use of a mindful, holistic, caring, and relational approach to healing the mind, body, and spirit. The focus of the IHC is about providing a high standard of treatment excellence while exploring and deepening the healing relationship between client and practitioner.