“Letting It Be is about sitting with whatever is all around us and within us and surrendering what we find. It is about giving yourself unlimited chances to practice without any judgment.”

-Lisa Templeton, Ph.D.

The class is offered online so you can begin the course anytime and move at your own pace!

You will receive monthly teaching videos, meditations and notes to guide you with your practice.

Actively Letting It Be Class Description:

Actively Letting It Be is an experiential course for practicing acceptance, self-love, and peace. The class is presented by Dr. Lisa Templeton, Ph.D., a psychologist, author and musician, utilizing her education and expertise, along with music to inspire and uplift. She uses both music and words in her teaching as she finds this offers more connection to both left and right hemispheres of the brain, as well as to the mind and body while learning and practicing.

Read more about Dr. Lisa’s thoughts about Actively Letting It Be in her

published article June 2019.

This is a monthly course that offers a 30-40 minute video each month along with audio meditations and notes. Dr. Lisa is teaching from her published book, Letting It Be: Mindful Lessons Toward Acceptance, addressing how to BE with various energies allowing for more mindful awareness, freedom, self-knowledge, and peace. Her book is a 2018 INDIES Book of the Year Award Finalist! The class aids in working with grief, loss, change, anxiety/depression, as well as chronic pain, and offers an inspirational opportunity to learn and grow spiritually within yourself and connect with others.

Actively Letting It Be is a 6-month course made up of three parts:

1) Letting The Difficult Be: Working To Observe Resistance and Maintain Objectivity

2) Letting Your Self Be: Working Toward Self-knowledge and Inner power

3) Letting Oneness Be: Working Toward Surrender, Connection, and Building of Spirit

Month One – Actively being wherever you are and being in the moment with your observer - this class will address the importance of the present moment and the deeper aspects of being as it relates to acceptance. We will discuss the energy of resistance and ways that it can cause more pain for us, as well as techniques to practice being with your observer and taking a more objective view on situations and emotions.

Month Two – Actively being with your breath, your body, and holding both with love - this class will offer experiential training in breathwork and practice being with your body and bringing love into your moment-to-moment experiences with both breath and body.

Month Three – Actively being with thoughts and emotions more deeply, as well as being with mindful choices - this class provides knowledge about cognitive-behavioral therapy and looks at strategies for being more aware of your thoughts and patterns with emotions and behaviors. We will discuss slowing down to notice how your thoughts and emotions influence your behaviors and work to stay mindfully aware of the choices we have in every moment.

Month Four – Actively being a compassionate friend to yourself and being with your self-care needs - this class uses the previous skills from earlier classes to aid in be-friending yourself and taking your power back with more self-knowledge and care of your self with uplifting statements and kindness. The class will also address needs within our humanity and importance of self-care along with balance of care for others. Check out Dr. Lisa’s Online Facebook Live Meditation on Self-Compassion!

Month Five – Actively being with God and the essence of life, as well as humility - this class allows for an experiential exploration of a higher being and how we can connect with that energy that is beyond ourselves, despite your religious or spiritual upbringing. Given we all are living in such an ego-driven world, the class encourages us to be with humility and practice and understand what that really means while caring for yourself.

Month Six - Actively being with your dreams, being of joyful service, and being with letting it be - this class will talk about the many different chapters in life and importance of connecting and staying flexible with your dreams, despite your circumstances. Joyful service needed in the world and various approaches to offering to others will be discussed.


When, where and how much?

Online - begin taking the class at any time and receive a 30-minute teaching video, an audio meditation, and 2 emails (with reminders) per month for 6 months! $125 for the entire course (or try one month for $25).

Each online class will include:

-A 30-minute teaching video

-An audio meditation

-Two emails per month offering reminders and encouragement

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