“With every meditation, joyful step, patient sigh, and smile, we spread peace and love into the world and as we spread these feelings out, they return to us in kind. Love is expansive and endless and it is always available to us in every moment.”

-Lisa Templeton, Ph.D.

Individual, couples and family therapy - Dr. Lisa is a generalist clinical psychologist working at The Interpersonal Healing Center (IHC) addressing depression, anxiety, adjustment disorders, trauma, mood disturbances, LBGTQ issues, as well as concentration and attention issues with teens, adults, and the elderly. Some insurances accepted.

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Books and Classes - Dr. Lisa offers a class called Actively Letting It Be!, both on-line and in person. She teaches from her published book, Letting It Be: Mindful Lessons Toward Acceptance, a 2018 Indies Book of the Year award finalist!

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Speaking engagements - Dr. Lisa loves to speak to various audiences.  She has spoken at The Broomfield Library, The Aurora Jail, Boulder Psychotherapy Group, as well as Naropa University. Topics she loves to teach others about include, mindfulness, acceptance, sharing about her own experiences, relationships, and the workings of energy within relationships.  Lisa works to integrate meditation, poetry, and music into her talks whenever possible.  If you are interested in having Dr. Lisa come to speak at your event (e.g, book clubs, agency, community), please contact her at 303-514-4058 or drlisatempleton@yahoo.com.

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Podcasts - Dr. Lisa enjoys engaging with others in conversation and continuing to learn and teach each other through dialogue. If you run a podcast, please feel free to reach out - Dr. Lisa would love to appear on your show!

Book signings - Dr. Lisa is always available for book signings. Check the upcoming events page for more info.

Musical performances - Looking for a musician? Contact Dr. Lisa to offer an uplifting performance. Check out her

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Contact Dr. Lisa today to check on her availability for therapy, learn more about her classes, and/or to have her speak at your next event, a podcast, conference, or group! Contact Dr. Lisa to learn more about services she provides both online and at her center, please fill out this form and she will get back to you or you can reach out directly to her at drlisatempleton@yahoo.com.

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