All songs and lyrics are written and composed by Lisa Templeton, Ph.D. ©

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Black and Blue (Written Summer 2012)

She was born in a small town in Alabama
Then the story gets fuzzy and oh so cold
Moved up north to Dearborn, Michigan
Said its nice to know you now it’s time to grow old 

Had her two fine children and then you know it became the same
Then she’d have too much to drink
A bottle of vodka in the sink
And then it all goes to Heaven after she’d have time to think

It’s tough when you only know what you know
There’s only one way down the path so you take it slow
Give everybody love and be willing to do what’s asked
When a train is comin’ down on you, get off the tracks
When a train's comin’ down on you, get off the railroad tracks

You think I even know what’s false and really true
That there’s not a really good person inside of you
It’s time to stop believin’ the bully side of you
These thoughts are making us black and blue

Black and Blue, Black and Blue

The years rolled on by after he passed away
The nights seemed just as long as the day
A nice man came around to court her all around the town
Until he decided that he would try to make her lay

Well she wasn’t going to sit and
She wasn’t going to stay
And they fought tooth and nail pretty much every day
And on and on it went
For most of her life she was bent
And the anger never really seemed to go away 


Bliss (written June 2012)

Love and trust each other
With purity intuition and light
Have compassion for self and brother
Wisdom and courage to face the fight
The truth is you have the strength
To allow your transformation
The peace that's within you
Will expand throughout our nations
Surrender yourself
In detachment for certain
The flow of life
Synchronicity is working
I am you in my empathy
Oneness is alive in me
My will is all part of this
With consciousness, action and
Bliss, bliss, bliss

Rise Above (Written February 2012)

Breathe in the Spring
Feel the love and the joy that it brings
Coming alive with the flow of things
Feel the cool air propelling your wings
Jet black, the colors of your feathers
Like the sunset warmth and holding hands together
It’s gettin’ hot – I’ll take off my sweater

Cause there’s a faint hint of summer
Underneath the strife
And there’s a soothing warm wind
Outside the din of life

Rise Above

Release out the winter
Trust the wind and relax in your center
Out of hibernation into the sun
Transform the banter that we are all not one

Let life shine green
Spread the positive that we’ve seen
Like the colors that shine
Through the orbs of our being


We Can Stand - (written March 2001)

I saw my future come down again
And I looked up and down and around again
To an unspoken word, an unspoken center
To a sound so nurturing and true
And so tender

And your eyes, your smile is mine
And our souls are separately entwined
So take the independent space for dependent living
And take good care of yourself while your freely giving

Ohh, walking down the road
We’ve got our hands at our sides
And our heads are hanging low
Miles and miles we’ve climbed
Hiking through sand and
We realize, realize...
That we’re not on dry land
Only if we come together
Can we stand
We can stand

I ate the sweetened black of night
I knew it was the source when I took the 1st bite
It consumed me
And stole my rights to joy

But I was blind to my own mind’s ploy
Cause we’re still living and breathing
And building and being
A balance, presence
A light shown for seeing
Into the core of our essence

Ohhh, there will be days
Days when one will walk into the shadow
And the other towards the sun’s rays
Walk toward the shadow
And climb into the rainbow
And we’ll sit in the darkness of color
And glow