“The terms transference and countertransference, originally coined by Sigmund Freud in the 1890’s, have yet to be fully understood in the field of psychology, much less our society, but can function as an important tool in comprehending relational dynamics. Many of these dynamics are not consciously considered, but are deeply felt in the world right now. With more understanding of what is within, we can now learn the subtle and mindful ways of all relating as one.”

-Dr. Lisa Templeton, Ph.D., an excerpt from her anticipated second book, to be released in 2021, Relationships in Rhythm.

Management of Countertransference:

Owning Your Own "Shit"

A Seminar for Therapists and Healers

Dr. Lisa's countertransference seminar is a class to aid therapists of all education level, as well as spiritual healers, to look at their own inner workings as a human being and how to use these signals as an assessment tool. If you are a health care professional, please check out this amazing seminar to help therapists and healers alike to practice "owning our own shit."

Learn more about Countertransference and Dr. Lisa’s term Intertransference (IHC)➣

This is a loving, healing, and non-judgmental environment that allows for education of transference and countertransference issues, as well as applying this knowledge to current cases and understanding what we as clinicians, healers, and/or health professionals are bringing to each session with each individual.

Please let Dr. Lisa know if you are interested in participating as there are only minimal spaces available. Classes take place at The Interpersonal Healing Center, 1006 Depot Hill Rd., Ste E, Broomfield, Colorado 80020

Don’t live close by? Take the seminar online!


In-person - $100 for a 1/2 day presentation, which includes resources, materials as well as a continental breakfast

Online - $50 - includes access to seminar discussed via video

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You can also contact Dr. Lisa directly at drlisatempleton@yahoo.com