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Letting It Be:  Mindful Lessons Toward Acceptance
By Lisa Templeton, Ph.D.

This book offers a path to freedom and self-knowledge that can change your perspective on life.  It is an inspirational guide to learn about your own inner process and be a more compassionate friend to yourself.  Each chapter is about being with a certain focus to aid with self-awareness and ultimately with acceptance.  

Dr. Lisa offers her own experiences with infertility providing personal stories, first-hand interpretations, poems, and guided meditations to aid others in working through suffering to become a victor in moving through the difficulties of life. 


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Published APRIL 18th, 2018

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Reviews of Letting It Be: Mindful Lessons Toward Acceptance:

“Excellent read. A tangible guide to greater self-care, self-love, and compassion. Lots of meditations throughout the book as well as relatable stories that connect you to the material... very digestible. The book continues to redirect yourself to your personal greatness and power, a true joy to read and utilize. Looking forward to more from this author.”

“This book is a must read. You can go through it area by area or read it all at once. The author really uses her voice to bring you into the lessons and teaches us to be more mindful and expand our awareness beyond our own current understanding. I highly recommend this book as a reminder and a teacher to surrender to what is and to what you don't have control over. Whether you are facing a troubling situation or just want reminders for future challenges and opportunities, this book is a great guide.”

“What a wonderful book! Dr. Lisa has beautiful and poignant words of wisdom that are incredibly powerful and yet very simple. I dog eared about a dozen pages that had thoughts so moving that I wanted to be sure I could go back and find them again. I read those same passages to my boyfriend and any family member I could get to sit still long enough. This is a lovely book with phrases that will remain with you and change your life for the better. Thank you Dr. Lisa for putting so many beautiful thoughts in one place!”

“Lisa Templeton has created a brilliant book of self-reflection and Mindfulness. She expertly guides the reader through her stories, text and meditations to a deeper understanding of acceptance of their own life situations and inner knowing. Whether life brings painful situations on joyful ones, this book is an excellent guide to living.”

Reviewed by Mamta Madhavan for Readers’ Favorite - Review Rating: 5/5 Stars

Letting It Be: Mindful Lessons Toward Acceptance by Lisa Templeton is an insightful and uplifting book that guides readers on how to accept the difficult situations they face in life and discover the power within themselves. The author talks about responsibility in the choices she made and how she could see a transformation in her life when she made the decisions with love. The book is a good tool when it comes to helping others in various predicaments and levels of difficulty. The author’s personal experiences and stories will give readers a better awareness about the problems they are facing and moving forward with a better understanding. It’s a book about healing, nurturing, acceptance, surrender, gratitude, and trust.

The book is inspiring and will motivate readers to develop a positive mindset while dealing with the challenges in life. The chapters are connected and they encourage readers to ‘be’ in a certain space with a particular energy. The poem at the end of each chapter is good for creative reflection and the meditations will help in learning the deeper aspects that are within each one of us. The author makes a relevant and difficult topic understandable, and the tactics and techniques shared are thought-provoking and simple, making it easy to practice. The book will make readers ponder on divinity, spirituality, and the Universe and the dimensions that are not always visible unless an effort is made to look at these with a different perspective. It is a good read that will help readers grow and also take care of themselves compassionately and unconditionally.