Be Wherever You Are With the Loving Eye of Your Observer

Each moment is a gift of life. No matter what is happening in this moment, I see both the light and the darkness. I remember that the light is born from the darkness and I surrender. I breathe into the deep, the pain and the melting of my ego. There are no sides, no boundaries, just banks of a river that form to allow for the best flow. The best decisions I can make in this moment are for my nurturing and for those I love.

There is a stillness in this moment. The silence is deafening as time carves out each passing second, so many of which I miss and do not heed. I sink my heart right into the middle of now. My flesh tickled by the chill of the air within me. So much space I did not notice, the corners of the room that have now become sky. I listen intently to the breezes and the song of the birds opening their wings in freedom.

All of this I notice, all of this I experience, I notice, I experience, I notice, I experience back and forth until I fall into a lullaby, a trance within. There are whispers coming through reminding me to let go, offering melodies that lift the weight of my mind. My heart is lassoed to the base of my spine and my core is tangled in a spiral of awareness.

This temple of mine, I must let it shine, blinding the heart of darkness so that only love prevails. Yet, love is everywhere. It is a mistaken expectation that only light brings love – it is love that places the darkness over us like a soft blanket and offers rainbows shining through the storm. I experience, I notice, I experience, I notice…until they become one. May I hold both the dark and the light, the light and the dark. Being wherever I am connected with the dark and the light as one. I allow whatever is to come in each moment to envelope me in a shroud of love.

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