Podcast Appearances:

Check out Dr. Lisa appearing on the Crown and Chakra Podcast talking about The Magic of Letting It Be with The Bright Phoenix!

Check out Dr. Lisa appearing on The Rebel Health Coach Podcast All things Health, Nutrition and Wellness  talking about her experiences that led to her new book. Click here to listen!  

Science and NON-Duality Conference Presentation:

Dr. Lisa will be presenting her book at the Science and Non-duality Conference in San Jose, CA on October 26th, 2018, 6:30pm. She will also have a book signing on October 27th at 10:30am in the SAND Conference Bookstore.

Book Signings/Readings:

More to come on book signing events in the Denver and Broomfield area.

Learn more about Letting It Be: Mindful lessons toward acceptance

Dr. Lisa streamed live from her FB page on Thursday April 19th, offering a free seminar talking about the book and sharing mindful lessons.  The stream is still available!